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"If one Diva defines WWE's "Attitude Era" it is Sable."

Did You Know?
In 2000 Playboy named Rena their "Sex Star of the new Millennium".
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It’s not much of a big story really but I’m posting this video I found while surfing Youtube anyway. Wrestling promoter Dan Mirade shares a story of him bumping into Rena & Brock at the WrestleMania 20 weekend in 2004. Forward to 10m:30s:

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This november WWE will release another DVD/blu-ray which focuses on the Attitude Era. “WWE Attitude Era 2″ includes the following segments/matches with Sable:

-Miss Slammy Swimsuit Competition 1997 [Sable vs Marlena vs The Funkettes vs Sunny]

-Fully Loaded Bikini Contest 1998 [Sable vs Jacqueline]

-Blu-ray only: Golga vs Marc Mero 1998 [with Sable at ringside for the Oddities]

Full listing can be found here.

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WWE recently produced a special about the Monday Night War and we have the bit about Sable right here for you:

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In an interview for Wrestle Reaction former WWE writer Vince Russo answered why he prefered Sable over Sunny & talked about meeting Rena for the first time. FF to the 48:30min-mark:

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Former WWE writer Vince Russo published on article on wrestlers & divas who he thinks should be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame as soon as possible. One of them being Sable:

There was a time during the Attitude Era when Sable was the company’s second biggest star behind Stone Cold Steve Austin—I know—because, I was there to witness it. Sable was the BOMB, she was gorgeous, exotic, had a body to die for, and LEARNED how to wrestle with ZERO experience on way to becoming the WWE Women’s Champion.

Listen. It’s this simple—if you were a guy, you were tuning in Monday nights to see this gorgeous Vixen—period.

And, here’s the issue—taking nothing away—HOW is Sunny in the WWE and not Sable? Again, Sable wore WWE gold—Sunny didn’t even wrestle! Go figure!

In conjunction with that, Sable opened doors for the WWE far beyond the company. She appeared on the cover of Playboy on three different occasions, with all three mags being top sellers of ALL-TIME for Hef’s Empire. She was just IT—and yes—I WAS smitten at the time.

Why isn’t Sable in the WWE HOF? Don’t know, especially now that she’s the champ’s wife!

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In 1999 Sable appeared on the musical game show “Happy Hour”:

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We added 3 clips of Rena at UFC 91 to our Video Vault. Back in november of 2008 a visibly pregnant Rena joined her husband Brock Lesnar inside the octagon after he defeated MMA legend Randy Couture and captured the UFC Heavyweight title.

UFC president interviews Rena // Brock hands Rena the UFC title

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Bluewater Comics which publishes “10th Muse” (a comic book with a heroine who once was based on Rena’s looks) congratulated Rena on her birthday today on Facebook:


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Former WWE writer Vince Russo posted “10 insider stories from running the WWF magazine” on his official website. One, which he also talked about in his book “Forgiven” includes Sable & Sunny:

If you worked the wrestling side of the WWF at the time, it was no secret to anyone that Sable and Sunny HATED each other. Now, I’ve got to be fair here, I think it was more on Sunny’s part than Sable. There is no doubt that Sunny was just flat out jealous of Sable, and quite frankly—I could never understand why? To me, they were two completely different types of women with their own appeal. Sunny was the girl next door, and Sable was the mysterious, exotic beauty. They both had their followers.

So, when I made the call to do a swimsuit edition of the RAW Magazine, and give both Sunny and Sable their separate covers—I should have known that I was in for it. I chose a picture of Sunny that was extremely sexy—I thought it put her in a spectacular light. Well—she didn’t agree. And, I found that out first hand when she came onto our floor to look at the pictures we chose. After viewing them, she grabbed them and ran to my office and screamed, “That’s not me! That’s not me!” I remember being caught so off guard at the time, that all I could do was laugh and say, “Well—if it’s not you—WHO IS IT THEN?!”

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Rena Marlette Greek was born on August 8, 1967 in Jacksonville, Florida. In 1996 she got signed by the WWE and portrayed the character of "Sable". In only 3 short years she became a huge success earning her the WWE Women's Championship. Her popularity led to Playboy offering her to pose for their magazine which she did twice in 1999 and again in 2004. Rena left the WWE in 1999 and returned to the company in 2003. During that time she filmed movies, modeled and was the on-screen CEO of the XWF. In 2004 Rena retired from the wrestling bizz. Today she is married to WWE Superstar Brock Lesnar and is also a mom of 2 little boys.
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Back Then..

[January 05, 16 years ago]
Marc Mero (w/Sable) vs Tom Brandi

The whole point of the match was to set up one spot where Mero flies out of the ring, landing on top of Sable in the process. Sable holds her ankle in pain. Brandi picks her up to carry her to the back, but Mero hits him from behind, tosses him back in the ring and nails him with the TKO. Mero signals for a second one, but is spun around and kicked by Steve Austin, who has put in another appearance. Mero rides the Stone Cold Stunner Express, earning a DQ win in the match for his troubles. Austin prepares to leave, pausing just long enough to give Sable a long, wicked look.
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